My life is a miracle.
And I am surrounded by wonders.

A word is a wonder. Our ability to understand each other through language is a wonder. Poetry is a wonder. A line drawn on paper — a simple act of creation — is also a wonder.

I have never been able to figure out where those miracles come from. And I never seized to provide the answers —  I simply don’t have them. But in my works I can share those observations with others. I say, “Look, how beautiful life is in its obscurity”.
Each work is a message, and to deliver it accurately every time I choose a suitable language. This brought me to transmedia art where I can combine different practices — performative, sculptural, digital — to highlight the meaning of the piece and not to bind myself to a particular practice. Throwing off the shackles of medial repetition I can point at what matters to me most — the Idea, another incomprehensible wonder of life.
I occupy myself with studying spiritual texts and rituals, comparative mythology, linguistics and psychoanalysis. I focus on similarities that unite me with men and women in every quarter of the world, and that knowledge helps me as an artist and as a human being on the journey of my own life.